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716 Clean-up and Restoration experts recognize your situation. As an agent or adjuster, we have a duty to keep claims prices down whilst nevertheless offering exceptional services for our customers.

716 Clean-up and Restoration Professionals are uniquely certified to help. Our effects create a measurable difference, giving you many lucrative advantages.

Emergency Response to Claims
Restoring property is our clean-up and restoration professional’s first priority. Your client will recognize the instantaneous response and you will understand everything is being executed to restrict the damage.

Pretesting Reduces Claims Expense
Restoring property is much less costly than replacing damaged property. Claims Professionals understand the rule is, “Restore every possible time. Replace solely when necessary. Our Clean up and restoration experts make certain pretesting is performed on each and every loss to decide if we can restore it or if we need to replace it. 

Submitting an Insurance Claim

Clean up and restoration

What You Need To Know About Insurance Claims
Filing an insurance plan claim that organizations will accept requires that clients take some simple steps before the accident. Documentation is key to proving peril, and that you are entitled to insurance you pay a month-to-month premium for. Therefore, take photographs and images of your property before an accident to furnish precise proof that the broken item(s) are included through the policy. Not solely that, each and every small element is required in order to hold insurance plan corporations from rejecting claims.

Furthermore, make an itemized listing of valuables and create a record file of maintenance work accomplished to the property by way of saving receipts. Everything down to the serial number of equipment in the property must be uploaded online, so in the event of an accident, your information is safe. Make sure you trust the right professionals to handle your water clean up and restoration.

Leave it in our hands

Clean up and restoration

Whole industry-standard validation. Proper tool utilization and drying validation can be an area of each and every job file when you use 716 Clean up and restoration as your clean up and restoration supplier of choice. From the motive of the claim such as a water clean up and restoration, to response times and the entire claim file, 716 Clean up and Restoration specialists offer the most complete mitigation reporting information available.