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Personal, professional junk removal

Personal, professional junk removal

The only thing worse than junk is feeling like you have to keep it. Let 716 Clean Up and Restoration handle your junk removal for you. We are professionals, not snoopers.

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Keep Junk Out Of Your Home – Our professional Junk Removal service will never trespass on your property or snoop through your belongings. We’ll simply move all the junk from outside or inside your property out as fast as possible!
Save Time – Get rid of all that junk without doing any backbreaking work! We’ll come to clean up everything so you don’t have to worry about it ever again.
Spend Less – 716 Clean up and Restoration offers a flat-rate pricing plan so there are no hidden fees or overages.
Professional Help – 716 Clean up and Restoration offers a professional service without any invasion of privacy. This is perfect if you’re going through a divorce or need some items out of a flood damaged home.
Reliable Process – Junk removal can be a complicated process if it’s not done properly, 716 Clean up and Restoration ensures each job is carried out carefully and efficiently.
Dependable Service – It’s important when hiring a junk removal company to not just make sure they are professional but also dependable, which is something 716 Clean up and Restoration takes seriously.



Do you have more stuff than you know what to do with? You’ve been thinking about getting help with junk removal but don’t want someone snooping through your private belongings? 716 Clean up and Restoration offers professional cleaning services without invading your privacy. Sometimes life gets overwhelming and our home hoarding clean-up business works to restore homes so they can be lived in again. We are the nation’s leading hoarder clean-up company. We specialize in helping you get your life back after a hoarding or similar situation.


Storm Damage

We also are the number one company in the buffalo area for storm clean-up. Trust us with your most valuable property to help restore it to pre-storm damage.

Our team of experts will be at your property to remove the storm-damaged trees and secure the debris. We also make sure you get the right insurance claim settlement and we can help with your property insurance company.

Tropical storms are well known for the damage they leave behind. Our crews are equipped to handle any type of storm, from minor storm clean-up to extreme storm clean-up. 716 Clean up and Restoration in Buffalo, New York specializes in all types of storm damage clean up.

Our experienced technicians at 716 Clean up and Restoration in Buffalo, New York are ready for any storm-related clean-up. We have years of experience working with wind damage, mold remediation, water extraction, and more!

At 716 Clean up and Restoration, we are the junk removal and damage clean-up company that you can trust. Because of our dedication to connecting with our customers, 24/7 customer support, and certified technicians, no other storm damage clean-up company is able to compare. We are proud to offer storm clean-up services for homes and businesses in Buffalo, NY. Call us today at (716) 799-7169.

When it comes to hoarding, 716 Clean-up and restoration is life’s perfect solution to the overwhelming challenge of a hoarder clean-up.

Anytime you need help cleaning up your home or business, 716 Clean up and Restoration will be here for you. No matter how much clutter you have, we will handle it for you!