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Personal, professional junk removal

Personal, professional junk removal

The only thing worse than junk is feeling like you have to keep it. Let 716 Clean Up and Restoration handle your junk removal for you. We are professionals, not snoopers.

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Get rid of all your unwanted items in one simple call with 716 Clean Up! We’ll come out, pick up the trash around your home or office space (or both!), and make sure you’re never stuck for disposal again. Get comfortable knowing that our Junk Removal Services won’t trespass on private property—we’re careful about where we place every item before starting work; it’s always legal too thanks to years upon year spent training together as professional cleaners who know how important this always is when dealing directly
The people at 716 Clean up and Restoration are professionals who will make your junk removal process smooth. They won’t go through any of the personal information or property left behind when performing their service, which means you can feel safe knowing these experts have got it covered!


Whether you’re struggling with an old divorce settlement, a sudden influx of inherited belongings or just can’t find enough room to store it all; we’ve seen everything and know how important our clean-up services are. We work hard every day helping homeowners get their homes back so they don’t have any more stress than necessary while improving the quality time spent together as family members living under one roof!
We take pride in providing unparalleled customer satisfaction by using only eco friendly products wherever possible without compromising on results–your safety is always top priority at 7